Happy Birthday to Team MFS

Mabel McLean
October 6, 2021
Happy Birthday to Team MFS

October is always a fun month, and not just because it’s Halloween and trick or treating is something people should do every month!

In Scotland we have Samhain, not quite the same as Halloween/All Hallow's Eve.  October also marks the beginning of the festive period with shops and businesses advertising for Christmas, though it gets earlier and earlier every year.

Pretty sure there have been mince pies in the shops since August.  October is exciting because it's our birthday month!Three years ago, Cameron started trading as McLean Financial Services.  With an office all to himself, he was lord of all he surveyed… a smart corner office with a desk and a view of Union Street, Aberdeen.

The view of Union Street from the offices of McLean Financial Services.
Elevated capture of a part of Union Street, with the sun rising in the background.

This week we marked three years of trading and business.  Three years of Cameron building a business that helps our clients buy and sell their dream homes, all the while protecting their loved ones with life insurance, critical illness and more.  What was once just Cameron with Mabel providing background support is now a thriving team of 12 individuals.  You’ve already “met” Zara, Nicki, Sarah-Louise, Stephen but there are more names to come.  Our team consists of seven mortgage and protection advisors, four admin plus a Mabel.  What have we achieved in three years…

  • Weathered the pandemic and come out stronger.
  • Helped 864 clients remortgage or buy a new home.
  • Ensured our clients also had the necessary insurance and cover to protect their homes and loved ones.
  • Developed one of our sales support admin to a trainee mortgage and protection advisor in less than a year.
  • Learned from our missteps (our first and only complaint was a steep learning curve which tested how well our processes are set up).
So what now for Team MFS?  We plan on doubling our growth again.  

The only way to do that is to invest in our team, listen to their needs and devise a strategy together.  Which is what we did on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.  We got together as a team, with Robin via Zoom (what’s a meeting in 2021 without a bit of Zoom?!?).  It was the best way to set out our targets for our 4th year in business and have everyone invested in achieving the same goals.

For our clients, we want to provide more information and dispel financial myths.  Getting a mortgage and protecting your home with life insurance, income protection and more, shouldn’t be an arduous task.  We are planning some events both for our team (sky diving was mentioned!) as well as professional events to help our clients with their property journeys.  

All eyes on Team MFS!

Cameron working at his desk with Tintin, black lab puppy, looking on in a sleepy manner

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