Sarah-Louise Hay

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Sarah-Louise Hay

Tumbles, somersaults and leotards paint an athletically vivid picture.

But, it isn’t what comes to mind when you think of a mortgage and protection advisor.  Sarah-Louise comfortably backflips over the stereotype of the archetypal woman in finance.

An avid dog lover, just about Jax (an incredibly cute Frenchy), Conqueror of two Scottish Munros (Ben Nevis will be her third!) and someone who really focuses on giving the best to everyone in her life.  

Sarah-Louise’s achievements are really something:

  • Walking over the O2 Arena, I mean who needs a parachute?
    (Eat them apples, Jason Bourne! Wait who jumped out of the helicopter with the Queen in 2012 again, it was Jason right?)
  • Scaling high ropes in Thailand.
    (Forget McLean_FS… MI6 should recruit this woman!)
  • Completed the Glack Attack in 2019
    (Bond Take Notes! It takes more than Martinis and Aston Martins!)
  • Aced the Kilt Walk 2019
    (A walk in Scotland of 26.2 miles. We all know Sir Sean Connery couldn’t do that! Look, it might have been due to his busy schedule but still… the man couldn’t do it! Sarah-Louise Hay could!)

They don’t stop there though.  The consistent feedback from our clients is that Sarah-Louise really takes the time to focus on their needs; “The personal touch and care given was exemplary” and “Navigating mortgages, wills and life cover can be a minefield for the uninitiated but Sarah-Louise kept us right at every juncture and at no point where we made to feel that any question was a ‘silly’ question”.

Outside of the office, Sarah-Louise is a gymnastics coach, as well as a pivotal member and trustee of the Stonehaven Gymnastics Club.   The premise of the club is to provide gymnastics coaching and opportunities to children south of Aberdeen.   Her coaching isn’t amateur, she is accredited by British Gymnastics.  This is very much a passion of Sarah-Louise’s.  Her love of gymnastics means she really puts her soul into the Stonehaven Gymnastics Club.  Over lockdown, she set up and delivered coaching sessions over Zoom.

Sarah-Louise is a bit of a foodie too.

One of the ways Mabel had to entice to Sarah-Louise to join McLean Financial Services was with the guarantee of Mint Aero traybake on a monthly basis.  An unusual condition but one Mabel was happy to undertake to have Sarah-Louise join the team.  

Her latest grand achievement will be to scale Ben Nevis… at night!  Her aim is to be at the summit for a Spectacular Scottish Sunrise.  The Gaelic name of Ben Nevis has two translations; “mountain with its head in the clouds” and also “venomous mountain”.   Not that that should deter Sarah-Louise.

It is also the highest mountain in the UK, so why is Sarah-Louise doing all this?
To raise money for a charity, Charlie House which supports babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions and complex disabilities across the North East of Scotland.  


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