Stephen Taylor

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Stephen Taylor

The man with all the balls…golf and footballs ones to be exact.

Stephen’s favourite quote (and best advice from a previous manager) is

“Mistakes happen but if nobody died, then it can be fixed”.

 It definitely sums up Stephen.  He’s a man of few words at times but he takes action, which is what you want from your mortgage and protection advisor.

His love of golf is well-known, come rain or shine (most likely rain in Scotland), Stephen will be teeing off.  Turning 50 recently allowed for an epic golfing trip round the Isle of Arran.  Beautiful scenery, challenging greens and good company is a good way to start the next decade of your life.  Golfing to Stephen is a good way to relieve the stresses of the working day and to keep connected to friends. Although, with the way he plays sometimes, golf brings its own stresses and frustrations!!

Stephen and friends in golfing attire on a golf course on the Isle of Arran.

The dream job for Stephen would definitely have been footballer.  He played at Amateur level as a goalkeeper but this was ended due to an arm break. Which resulted in a plate being inserted in his forearm, not quite the bionic man but close!  This didn’t stop the love of football or the passion for it.

Stephen Taylor, Mortgage and Protection Advisor at McLean Financial Service pointing at the Liverpool Football Club's badge at Anfield.

Stephen is a Liverpool fan who has walked the hallowed grounds of Anfield with Bruce Grobelaar, nonetheless, as a host; “Although I’ve been at many, many games (including a Scotland-England International at Hampden), this has to be the best football experience ever. The atmosphere was second to none and one that even the non-Liverpool fan should experience once.”

Stephen, centre of pic in dark grey shirt, with friends and Bruce Grobelaar (ex-player for Liverpool) is in the back row, 2nd from right.

Balls aside, Stephen’s achievements aren’t limited to golf and football;

  1. Completed the Annandale Challenge (30 miles)  in 12 hours and 10 mins (the last “mile” was actually 3 miles, his friends didn’t want Stephen to give up so told a wee lie).
  2. Over three decades working in the Financial Sector.
  3. Survived a car crash, where he momentarily nodded off (never to happen again) whilst driving home and the car spun northbound whilst travelling on the southbound side of a dual carriageway before stopping in the central reservation.
  4. Took the leap, after decades with Clydesdale Bank, to join McLean Financial Services in 2020 (yes, the year of the pandemic).

If you’d like a mortgage and protection advisor who can do the job and that’s it, then Stephen isn’t the one for you.  If you want to chat all things about golf, football and life-changing experiences with a mortgage and protection advisor that has some serious life-skills, then Stephen is that man.

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