The Return of the Mack AKA Zara Coner

Mabel McLean
May 17, 2023
The Return of the Mack AKA Zara Coner

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May”, sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare.  And he wasn’t half right.  The weather in May (in Aberdeen)has  left us all desperate for sunshine and warmth.

Team MFS does have a ray of sunshine as we welcomed back Zara from her maternity leave.  Zara has such a keen eye for detail and a passion to deliver the right solution for our clients.

“I’ve been looking forward to coming back to work, regaining my career and some of my old self after 10months of maternity leave. I’ve been ‘Mum’ 99% of the time since I went off in June so it’s nice to hear my actual name again. Getting the train in to work with no buggy to contend with, grabbing a coffee on the way in and being able to drink it while it’s hot, having adult non-baby related conversation and proving that my brain has the capacity to hold more than nursery rhymes and the local baby group timetable.”

Things have changed in the mortgage market since last summer- rates have gone up, people feel more cautious, but my job is the same. I’m looking for the most suitable deals for my client and to make sure they have the right cover in place to protect their family and home from the things in life that can’t be controlled.

I was nervous about the juggle of having two children with being back at work, but our flexible working policy means that I can balance things. My diary is open for appointments 9-1.30 Monday, Tuesday and 10.30-6pm on Wednesday as standard and I work a share of weekends.

The remaining hours I work flexibly and I’m so grateful to be able to do that. If an evening or weekend appointment suits my clients best, I can look to accommodate that as everyone has their own work and family commitments and I know how that juggle can be. Working flexibly allows me to offer a variety of appointment options to my clients and gives me precious time with the boys to create memories while they’re still small. They don’t stay small for long.”

Whether you’re looking to buy for the first time and need some guidance or in need of some help to find your next mortgage deal, Team MFS are on hand to answer your queries.




For our mortgage advice services, we will charge a fee of between zero and £495.  This will be based on the complexity, leve of work involved and the referral source. The fee is payable on application.


Published on 17thMay 2023.

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