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We know that protecting your loved ones is a big priority for you. Accidents and illness can happen at any time, give yourself some peace of mind and use our knowledge to find the most suitable cover for you and your family.


Answers to some of your most common questions.

I have adverse or bad credit. Can you still help me get a mortgage?
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We would ask for a copy of your credit file and also your honesty. Our advisors would then research which lenders might be suitable and come up with a solution.

How much can I afford?
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Affordability is unique to everyone, there is no simple calculation. We will review available government schemes, lenders options and anything else available to you so that you stay within budget and affordability. Schemes such as LIFT and Help-to-Buy (HTB is not available at present) and Shared Equity, when they're available, can impact on the maximum purchase price.

How many months payslips do I need for a mortgage application?
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It really depends on your circumstances but our practice is to obtain your last three consecutive payslips. This allows us to have them ready should a lender ask for more than just one. Sometimes a contract is needed but our team will keep you right.

What fees are involved in getting a mortgage?
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Firstly there are legal fees, we always say to budget between £1,000 to £1,500 for this. Then there’s any lender fees which might be associated with the product. Land Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) and if you own more than one property, you may need to pay Additional Dwelling Supplement. Your advisor will keep you right about along with your solicitor. Sometimes we charge a fee of £495, this will be discussed before any mortgage application goes ahead.

How do I know if I’m being offered the best available mortgage to me?
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The best mortgage rate on the market isn’t necessarily the most suitable rate or deal for you. This could be down to the level of deposit required to secure the rate. It could also be down to the lender who’s offering the “best” rate, you may not meet their criteria and therefore not eligible for the rate. Our advisors look for the most suitable deal for you, taking into account your situation and what you’re looking to buy. There is no “one size fits all approach”.

How does the process work?
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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or haven’t moved in a while, our advisors will guide you through every part of the journey. From helping you understand the jargon within a home report, to putting in your offer for a home and then getting the keys our team of advisors and admin will be on hand to answer every query. We make the home-buying process easy to understand.

I want to invest in rental property. Is this something you can help with?
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Yes, it is. The buy-to-let market is still very much alive. Our advisors can help source the most suitable deals for mortgages and insurances. We can discuss if you wish the property to be under your personal name or under a limited company. We always recommend speaking to a tax specialist about how to structure your Buy to Let investments.

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We believe you should only pay for what had been useful.

So we only bill our clients after a significant amount of work on your mortgage has already been done. We typically expect the payment once the application has been submitted.

It is only at application stage that we would charge our fee, typically £495.

This fee covers processing the application, liaising on your behalf with the lender and the solicitors. This helps to ensure the process goes smoothly and all parties work together towards the desired completion date.

In detail, a "significant amount of the work" means that we have completed the following stages:

  1. Spoken to you and identified that we can assist
  2. Held a detailed consultation where we have completed a full confidential fact-find to ensure we have all the information to enables us to make a recommendation.
  3. Undertaken the necessary research to establish which products would be suited to you and, perhaps more importantly, which lenders meet your criteria
  4. This search takes into account standard mortgages products, those available only through brokers, our own exclusive products, and those available through private banking institutions
  5. Presented our findings and provided you with detailed advice
  6. Produced a European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS) document which details the costs involved and monthly payments
  7. Approached the lender and obtained an Agreement in Principle subject to full underwriting and valuation, where this is possible
  8. Obtained all the necessary documentation from you required by the lender and checked for inconsistencies
  9. A full mortgage application has been completed and submitted to the lender

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