Your Journey With Us

Mabel McLean
May 20, 2020
Your Journey With Us

We all love the excitement of looking online at properties and the thrill of seeing show homes.

Our mortgage and protection advisors can help you from the very beginning of your property journey.  Using our services keeps the journey simple and straightforward as we help you navigate the complexities and overcome any obstacles.

The first meeting

All of our mortgage and protection advisors are experienced and qualified professionals.Our advisor will gather all the essential facts about you.  This helps them source and locate the most suitable deal for your circumstances.They will ask for information such as salary (including any overtime, shift work, bonuses/commission), your outgoings (this will include such things as nursery fees, gym fees, mobile phone, credit cards and loans, to name a few) and your credit history.

It’s worth downloading a copy of your credit file from Check My File so we can see exactly what you have outstanding.The more accurate the information you give the advisor, the better.  It might seem obvious to say this but be honest.  If the advisor is prepared with all the correct information then the journey to getting your mortgage is much smoother.During this time we will also talk you through what we do and how we’re regulated.  It does seem like a lot of info but it is vital you understand how we work.

Our advisors have a duty of care to ensure that the mortgage you’re looking for is affordable for you.


Your advisor will spend time researching which deal is most suitable to you.  We have access to exclusive deals.  Time is spent looking at the criteria of the lenders, working out your affordability for the mortgage as well as any family income, life protection, unemployment benefit etc.  Taking into consideration all your requirements whilst ensuring the mortgage payment doesn’t take you outside your affordability.This stage should take 1-2 days depending on what you need and if we can speak with lenders.

Bear in mind lenders are normally only open Mondays to Fridays, so we if speak to you at the weekend it might take a bit longer to get a definitive answer, should we need to speak directly to the lender.Once the most appropriate deal is selected the advisor will submit a decision in principle  (DIP) to the lender of choice.  When it’s approved then the process to full application is smooth.  The research stage based on the information supplied at the initial meeting should result in a successful DIP.

The advisor’s time spent researching will involve calls to the lenders to double check their criteria and looking through various deals to find the most suitable product.

From application to moving in

On average it takes our advisors 8 calendar days to obtain a mortgage offer from the date of submission.  Our admin team will ensure a correct and accurate application goes to the lender.  The smallest of errors can mean days of delay.  Between our advisors and admin team there is an internal process to check the accuracy of data input. Our team will also furnish the lender’s underwriting team with all the necessary evidence at time of application too.  Packaging your case quickly and efficiently means less delays.Our admin team will then follow the application and respond to all of the lender’s queries.  We ensure the valuation is instructed and carried out.  Any issues which might arise from the valuation are also dealt with by our team.  Should we need to contact you for anything, our advisors will be in touch quickly.  Our aim is to make sure the process is smooth and quick with no hassle for you.As soon as the offer is issued we can go online and retrieve a copy for the majority of lenders.  Our admin and advisors will check the offer carefully.

Once we’ve assured ourselves it’s correct we let all relevant parties know.  Your solicitor will be contacted over the course of the next week to make sure they have a copy.  You’ll get your copy in the post and we’ll check that you’re happy with the details.Where a date of entry is imminent we will then work with the lender and your solicitor to expedite the release of funds. Our advisors will check in on you the morning of your date of entry with a simple message.  As our client we check in on you at every stage and keep you informed.

Working with us saves you all of this hassle and ensures that you get a smooth journey to mortgage offer.

You’ve got the keys!

A week after you’ve moved in our advisor will again check in and see if you need help with anything.  We find that you may have additional questions now the stress of moving is over.

Our team of advisors and admin are happy to help with any queries.Now that you’ve settled in, your journey with us is not at an end.  We have an annual review process where our advisors get in touch to see how you’re getting on.  Life is often full of unplanned things, we like to keep in touch and offer our help where we can.Book your appointment today and start your journey.

We work with some of the UK’s biggest and best mortgage lenders.

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