Gail Stables


Gail Stables

Celebrities who Knit.

8 Celebrities walk into a bar… Demi Lovato, Meryl Streep, Krysten Ritter, Robin Williams (RIP), Sarah Jessica-Parker, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gail Stables. What do they talk about?

How well they knit together.According to Gail however;

“My hobbies are pretty boring, really. I knit (especially doll’s clothes), I love to cook and I love my dogs”.  

What this humble celeb doesn’t tell you though is her knitting is by no means boring! I mean when did you last try to knit?

Her granddaughter goes to the nursery and you’d swear it was Shakespeare’s Henry the 5th  unravelling with all the envy for her dolls’ wardrobe. And if any of you went to school you’ll know: When Envy breeds unkind division: There comes the ruin, there begins confusion. [1 Henry VI 4.1.195-6, Exeter]

So, when Gail isn’t out ruining the reputation of lesser Grandmother’s she’s either cooking up a storm or reciprocating the unconditional love she receives from her beautiful dogs.

And when she’s not doing that she’s whipping all the advisors into shape about their mortgage and protection cases. Gail has been with us since practically the start of McLean Financial Services.  Three months after Cameron started, we had to recruit to keep up with the mounting workload.  We had some great candidates but Gail… Gail really stood out for us.  

And as for her cooking…Mabel remembers a day Gail had messaged in our Team_MFS WhatsApp group chat what she brought into the office; a lovely lemon drizzle cake. Thing is, Stephen and Cameron both deny that there was ever a cake brought in that day. But at the same time their clutches were drizzled with Lemon for two days (obviously no relation).

One of Gail’s favourite things to drink is Baileys, so if you ever need your Admin to get moving, then a bottle of Baileys may sweeten the deal.  However, stay away from fish and don’t be false around Gail, those are her pet peeves.

Two of Gail’s greatest achievements are passing her driving test (Number 7’s the charm) also, winning the Counter’s Trolley Dash when called in as a last minute replacement.

Regarding her driving, Gail says:

“Two were failed due to the fact that I have no concept of left and right.  My mum and dad paid for my lessons for my 18th birthday and used to joke with me if I didn’t hurry up and pass they would be unable to help me fund the purchase of my first car”.

Savage parenting, right there!

When her mother-in-law’s knee gave in just before her two-minute trolley dash with Iceland and Counter. Gail stepped up and manned that trolley.  Shirley, Gail’s mother-in-law, was quoted in the papers “I’ve never seen her [Gail] move so fast.  She did really well, filling three trolleys high with food and even managed to get the turkey and everything else for Christmas”.  

One trolley is hard enough to manage, never mind three!  Gail dove into the freezers and came away with £300 worth of food for that Christmas.  We even have the newspaper article to prove it!

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